The Babysitters Club: The Movie Review

The Babysitters Club: The Movie
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The BSC is having a summer camp! The BSC has had a lot of problems-including Cokie Mason. So all the members have been working hard-entertaining the kids, solving their problems, and fixing their mistakes. But all the BSC members have noticed something weird about Kristy. And that's because her father came back into her life! Mary Anne is the only BSC member who knows that her father is back in town. During Day Camp, Kristy goes home early and comes late. Plus, she's been lying to all the members! Kristy can't let all her friends down. But is her father worth it? Or will he go away again?

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Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, and the rest of America's favorite junior high baby-sitting group tackle Hollywood in their first screen production.Movie tie-in.

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